Any questions? Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you want to know more, don't hestitate to contact us!

Pre-ordering, orders and shipment

How can I become the proud owner of a SpacePan?

Sign-up at the bottom of this page. You will be informed when pre-orders are available in Summer 2024. Shipment expected end of Summer 2024.

I pre-ordered. When do I get my SpacePan?

Lucky you! End of summer 2024. We will keep you updated about the exact delivery date.

Why are pre-orders not available anymore?

The first round of pre-orders is sold-out. We are currently developing our product with an exclusive selection of restaurants and chefs. The next round of pre-orders start in Summer 2024. Sign-up to stay informed! See the bottom of this page.

When do I get the invoice for the remaining payment?

When the product is ready for shipment. We will keep you updated about the expected payment and shipping date.

Product performance

Does the SpacePan really offer 50% gas savings?

Yes. The SpacePan is over 2x more efficient compared to a conventional frying pan. This means that you only require half the amount of gas to cook a meal. This efficiency gain is proven and tested in the labs of the Delft University of Technology.

With the SpacePan I can cook 2x faster. How is this possible?

Since the SpacePan captures twice as much heat, the pan can get really hot really fast. For foods that require a lot of heat, a hot pan can help you to work faster. This does not work for every meal. For example, searing a steak requires the right amount of time for it to be perfectly cooked. Nevertheless, a 2x faster heat-up time always gives you the competitive edge over regular counterparts.

How is the heat distribution?

We engineered the SpacePan not only to capture more heat, but also spread the heat evenly through its heat fins for an unparalleled cooking experience. No more disturbing temperature differences while frying your favorite food. Even and gentle cooking with the SpacePan.

Do I burn my food because the pan gets too hot?

Put the fire lower and save gas! You'll be fine.

I don't understand how a pan can capture more heat. Can you explain it to me?

Pans have to capture the heat from the flame of the gas stove in order to get hot. Traditional pans have a difficulty doing so, they only capture about 20% of the heat from the flame. The rest of the heat (80%) is wasted to the kitchen environment. Therefore, kitchens can get so hot during cooking, especially with poor ventilation. The patent-pending heat-fin technology of the SpacePan has the unique advantage that it can capture 2x more heat from the flame, allowing you to work faster and save gas.

Product durability

How long does the SpacePan last?

Approximately 3x longer compared to a regular frying pan.

Since we know how much a frying pan gets to endure in a professional kitchen environment, we engineered it with a special focus on durability. We recommend you to not use any sharp, metal or abrasive utensils on the frying surface of the pan to enable a long lifespan. By taking good care of your product, you will be able to enjoy it for as long as possible.

My normal pans warp. Does the SpacePan warp under extreme heat?

No. According to our intensive tests, the SpacePan does not warp. Even when you adhere to outrageous practices like putting it on the stove on the highest flame empty and then dipping it in cold water. It does not warp. We do not recommend doing it, but it does not warp.

The handle of my normal pan either comes off or gets loose. Does that also happen with the SpacePan?

The handle of the SpacePan is equipped with a 3-point stainless steel solid rivet attachment. This is the strongest handle attachment of its kind, with a breaking force of over 1,1 tons. Good luck with getting that one off.

Does this mean that I can treat the SpacePan recklessly?

Please don’t. Take good care of it, so it will also take good care of you and help you to cook delicious meals ultra efficient for the years to come.

Product usability

Does the SpacePan work on induction?

No. The SpacePan is specifically developed to capture more heat from an open flame. Most pans work on all heat sources, but aren't optimized for any of them.

We believe that you need focus to be extremely good at something. With this mantra we developed the SpacePan: an extremely high performance frying pan specifically build for your gas stove.

It is designed for gas stoves, but also works on any other open fire sources, like BBQ/grill, wood fire and all petroleum products.

Can I put the SpacePan in the oven?

Yes, the SpacePan is oven-safe up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Can I use metal utensils in the SpacePan?

We do not recommend it. It may reduce the lifespan of your product.

Does the handle get hot during cooking?

The handle stays cool because of our patent pending rib-structure and its dedicated heat-deflector. After prolonged usage on high fire or placement in the oven, we recommend not to grab the handle with your bare hands, but use a heat protective towel, glove or cloth instead.

Can I put the SpacePan in the dishwasher?

Yes. We do not recommend it. It may reduce the lifespan of your product.

Don't the ribs get dirty?

It definitely can get dirty, like any pan. However, the SpacePan is ceramic coated all around, therefore it is relatively easy to clean. Any excess dirt is automatically burnt-off on the bottom. If needed, you can thoroughly clean it by first soaking the SpacePan in a vinegar or soda solution and then brush of the dirt.

How do I store the SpacePan?

Just like any other pan, you can nest them on top of each other or hang them on a hook. The SpacePan is designed to simply stack with multiple pans together.

Product safety

Does the SpacePan contain PFAS?

No, our products do not contain any harmful chemicals like PFAS or PFOAs. We make use of foodsafe and durable ceramic non-stick layers.

Is the pan food safe?

Yes. The pan does not contain any unsafe materials or compounds. Only high quality, food safe contact materials are used.

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