About us

At NeoStove, it is our mission to make sustainable cooking accessible for everyone. Using our SpacePan, anyone can now cook delicious meals faster, using 50% less gas.

Surya Prakash, the co-founder & CEO of NeoStove, discovered firsthand the heat leakage in gas stoves when he began cooking at his student dorm kitchen while studying at TU Delft. While brainstorming solutions, a chance visit to the Space Expo Noordwijk allowed him to draw inspiration from a rocket engine that was on display. He then developed a space-inspired, heat efficient cooking pan prototype to halve gas consumption and reduce cooking time and CO2 emissions. The space connection led NeoStove to join the European Space Agency Business Incubation Center Program, along with funding for product development.

To accelerate progress, Surya joined hands with Wytze de Vries, a stellar industrial designer from TU Delft. As the co-founder & CTO, Wytze transformed the prototypes into fully functional "SpacePans" and began extensively pilot testing with restaurants for chef inputs. After several design iterations and discovering that chefs love to cook and serve customers with the SpacePan, the design was finalized.

With the intellectual property filed and manufacturer selected, SpacePan is almost ready for the next batch of preorders! Do you want to cook with SpacePan and save time, money & the environment? Leave your email and stay tuned!